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Terms and Conditions

Eligibility Requirements for

LAND-LEBEN Competitions

By submitting a properly completed online competition entry form on, the entrant confirms that he or she has read and unconditionally agrees to the eligibility requirements.

The competition organiser is:

  • LAND-LEBEN Nahrungsmittel GmbH
  • Gewerbepark 1, 5102 Anthering, Austria

All persons with unlimited legal capacity who are not below 18 years of age and are residents of Austria are eligible to enter. Persons from other countries are not eligible. Entry under false identity or using the identity of another person is not permitted. Entrants may only enter the competition or promotion once. Multiple submissions will result in full disqualification. Entry though gaming associations or automated services is not permitted. Employees of LAND-LEBEN and their relatives, as well as employees of organisations involved in this game together with their relatives are eligible to enter but not to win.

Entrants who contravene the eligibility requirements or manipulate the competition or promotion may be disqualified with immediate effect. If the disqualification criteria are met, any winnings or product deliveries made may retrospectively be cancelled, and any winnings or product deliveries already paid out or delivered may be reclaimed.

By entering the competition, entrants declare their consent for LAND-LEBEN Nahrungsmittel GmbH to process, use and store their data and to notify them of any relevant LAND-LEBEN offers and new products. LAND-LEBEN Nahrungsmittel GmbH shall have the unequivocal and gratuitous right – unrestricted in terms of time, space and content – to use and publish, free of charge, any and all entries, images and information submitted, for marketing purposes in any and all online and offline media, including the right to edit the images. Entrants shall ensure that they possess all rights to the submitted images, that the images are unencumbered by third-party rights, and that images of persons do not infringe on any privacy rights. If a photo contains a recognisable image of one or more persons, these persons must consent to the publication of the photo. Entrants shall confirm the above in writing upon request. If third party should nevertheless assert a claim due to breach of third-party rights, the entrants shall indemnify the organiser against any and all such claims.

LAND-LEBEN Nahrungsmittel GmbH shall not disclose your data to third parties unless the promotion/competition requires disclosure of personal data to other affiliated companies or outside service providers, such as for delivery of winnings or in order to carry out competitions and promotions. LAND-LEBEN Nahrungsmittel GmbH asks its outside service providers to use these personal data exclusively in accordance with the rules of the organiser and the requirements of the law regarding contract data processing.

The deadline for entering the competition is indicated on the relevant entry form.

Winners shall be notified by email, post or phone. Winners must confirm their winnings by giving their full name and correct postal address. If confirmation is not given within the set timeframe, the organiser reserves the right to award the winnings to other entrants. In cases of doubt, entrants may be required to submit proof of identity to the organiser by post or email, in the form of a copy of their passport or equivalent photo ID. In certain cases, winners may be notified directly by delivery of the winnings.

The organiser, or the agency tasked with carrying out the competition, has the right to suspend, postpone or terminate the competition, if:

  • promotion guidelines on Facebook change during the competition such that it cannot be carried out under the applicable conditions on Facebook, or if Facebook stops the competition for whatever reason;
  • a fraud attempt through manipulation has been detected;
  • proper completion of the competition is no longer guaranteed, particularly in cases of hardware or software failures, programme errors, computer viruses or unauthorised third-party access, as well as mechanical, technical or legal problems. The judges’ decision is final and cash payments, exchanges or transfer of winnings shall not be permitted. If the operator is unable to provide the winnings for legitimate reasons, the operator reserves the right to provide an equivalent substitute.

LAND-LEBEN Nahrungsmittel GmbH reserves the right to apply amendments to the competition/eligibility or to cancel the competition/eligibility without giving any reasons. The organiser may amend or update parts of the eligibility requirements without prior notice. Please always review the eligibility requirements for the latest amendments and updates before accepting the offer.

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