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Brand & Tradition

Our philosophy


Our lives have become faster, more hectic and stressful, making the time we have left even more valuable: time to relax, to let go of the stress and reconnect. Time to enjoy life over a good meal with family, friends and guests.

To be able to spend more quality time at home, meals need to be quick and easy, balanced and appetizing. And they have to taste good! That’s exactly what we’ve been committed to here at LAND-LEBEN since 1974.

Traditionally quick and delicious

Our products are designed to make life easier. More pleasant and more satisfying. Because you have more time to enjoy it! They meet the requirements of modern life while tasting just like traditional Austrian cuisine:  light and delicate – just like homemade. No wonder, all our products are made in Austria from natural, carefully selected quality ingredients.

Whether it’s Soup Pearls or Pancake Strips, Panini or Croutons – although our convenience products are diversified, they all have one thing in common: they always turn out perfect and are quick and easy to make. But above all, they taste like homemade dishes. Because they are: homemade by LAND-LEBEN.

Natural ingredients

Enjoy a carefree life

We have always been fastidious about what we eat. And uncompromising. Our LAND LEBEN convenience foods have always been made with wholesome natural ingredients – using high-quality fats only.

Enjoy a carefree life

Because not all fats are created equal. Although many foods – from French fries and hazelnut spreads to cookies – are produced with unhealthy saturated fats, we use nothing but unsaturated, high-quality vegetable shortening.

Similar to saturated fatty acids, the so-called “trans-fatty acids” are believed to cause illnesses: depending on the intake, they can raise lipid levels in the blood and accelerate diseases such as arteriosclerosis, obesity, adult-onset diabetes and other ailments. Up to 5 grams per day were considered harmless until now; the main source of trans-fatty acids are margarine and cooking fat as well as the products made from these ingredients.

Official studies confirm: the level of trans-fatty acids in our products is under the detection limit. For our customers this means you can enjoy our LAND LEBEN products at any time without hesitation!

Enjoy with a clear conscience

Careful use of resources and environmentally friendly business practices are particularly important to LAND-LEBEN. One of our many efforts to create an entirely sustainable corporate culture was to expand the production process by October 2018 so we could offer the end consumer alternative products with 100% sunflower oil. Over 500 LAND-LEBEN customers were asked whether, when making their next purchase, they would choose Soup and Snack-Pearls with sunflower oil or with palm oil. 460 people spoke out in favour of using sunflower oil.

Unfortunately, we can’t avoid using palm oil in all products due to the high melting point required during processing. That is why we have committed ourselves exclusively since 2009 to resource-conserving, RSPO-certified palm oil business practices, which must meet strict sustainability criteria.

*) What do resource-conserving palm oil business practices mean?
All the sustainable palm oil processed by LAND-LEBEN comes from responsible cultivation. Please be assured that LAND-LEBEN’s goal is to ensure that no rainforests are destroyed for this and only suppliers who are fully transparent and meet our strict requirements can continue to supply LAND-LEBEN. You can find out more information about sustainable palm oil at

Served-up naturally

LAND-LEBEN. Our name is much more than just a resounding brand. More than a promise. It’s the standard we strive to achieve. And the standard that you, our customer, are entitled to expect!


Because LAND-LEBEN stands for high-quality convenience products made from selected, natural ingredients. Convenience products that not only taste good but are also good for you. LAND-LEBEN stands for a delicious treat, convenience, a delectable meal that’s quick to prepare. Because we know that the quality of our foods is not a question of preparation time but of fresh and healthy ingredients.

With a genuine taste

That’s why our products are made from the best, all-natural ingredients: subject to strict quality standards, without genetic engineering*, without pesticides *, emulsifiers*, artificial ingredients * or animal fats – grown on local, environmentally-friendly farms, with an emphasis on a distinctive, genuine taste: LAND-LEBEN not only tastes good – LAND-LEBEN tastes like a homemade dish!

*According to EU Directives



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A view behind the curtain

The production of the Backerbse

0:34 min

Soup Pearls. A success story

The first steps: unconventional and inventive.

Inventive talent, ingenuity and outstanding baking skills were the cornerstones: Rudolf Ölz, the grandfather of today’s LAND-LEBEN owner, started to produce the popular soup pearls in 1953. Initially they were made in huge shortening vats, afterwards they were degreased in his wife’s spin-dryer. Since the spin-dryer was hard to clean, the family’s laundry often came out greasy…

Packing the products in household units was just as unique and creative as their production and degreasing: an inclined floor with a small opening was placed in an empty oil drum. The hatch was opened with the foot to allow the pearls to flow into prefabricated packets – and closed again when the packet was full. Afterwards the package was folded at the top and sealed.

Initial success:  inspiring and motivating.

Housewives welcomed the first ready-made soup pearls with great enthusiasm. Soup pearls were just as popular then as they are now – and the ready-made products saved both time and effort. But there were still a number of unimaginable difficulties to overcome during the early stages. The cellophane packaging, for example, became brittle in the winter. An unconventional yet functional solution was quickly found: small sponges soaked with a glycerin solution were placed in each 25-package-carton to prevent the cellophane from becoming brittle from the cold.

But how were the products to be delivered and distributed across Vorarlberg? Since a delivery van was too expensive, Rudolf Ölz borrowed a relative’s truck in the mornings that was used to deliver coal in the afternoons. Of course after it had been meticulously cleaned each day…

Then and now: a superior quality and delectable taste.

Although the production of soup pearls was physically exhausting in the early years –baked in hot oil vats, degreased, transported to the filling silos in wicker baskets and delivered – Rudolf Ölz’s pioneering spirit and stamina paid off in the long run: today LAND-LEBEN Soup Pearls are a household word and a matter of course.

Even though hardly anyone remembers how precious they once were – they still taste just as delicious as they did 60 years ago. Moreover: We base our products on the soup pearls of the past as they are the foundation of our competences in baked soup garnishes and convenience products throughout Europe.