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Soup garnishes

Soup & Snack-Pearls
with 100% sunflower oil

Package sizes: 200 400 1000 Gramm
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Quick and easy – for a great taste!

Our crunchy Soup & Snack Pearls are  delicious and nutritious toppings for any soup, any day. And the new Soup and Snack-Pearls with 100% sunflower oil taste are even more delicate and crumbly!

They’re quick and easy to prepare: simply sprinkle on your soup and serve immediately. They’re also the perfect snack between meals – as they’re so crunchy and good.

Look for the original LAND-LEBEN Soup & Snack Pearls with 100% sunflower – they’re made from carefully selected natural ingredients and are very tasty.


Nutritional values

Enjoy with a clear conscience

Careful use of resources and environmentally friendly business practices are particularly important to LAND-LEBEN. One of our many efforts to create an entirely sustainable corporate culture was to expand the production process by October 2018 so we could offer the end consumer alternative products with 100% sunflower oil.

Over 500 LAND-LEBEN customers were asked whether, when making their next purchase, they would choose Soup and Snack-Pearls with sunflower oil or with palm oil. 460 people spoke out in favour of using sunflower oil.

Nutritional values

Nutrition table per 100g
energy kJ/kcal 2273 kJ / 545 kcal
fat 33 g
saturated fatty acids 11 g
carbohydrates 51 g
sugar 2 g
protein 9 g
salt 2,1 g

This product contains sunflower oil.

Product rating

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