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Dear LAND-LEBEN Partner,

After what seems like months of waiting, we can finally say summer is on the horizon. Soon the time will come for proper picnics, extensive bike rides and warm barbecue evenings. So that you can also enjoy the long days and the warming rays of the sun in culinary terms, we’ve got a series of recipe ideas for all your needs - from picnics to set lunches and beyond.

And the grill will also soon be back in operation! Stay tuned, because we’re giving away 10x LAND-LEBEN barbecue gloves and 10x LAND-LEBEN barbecue aprons so you can make the most of summer both safely and cleanly.

We’re all set for a wonderful summer filled with many personal moments!


Summer outdoors

Clever picnic plans with Cooking Catrin

As soon as the nice weather tempts you to go on excursions into the countryside, the richly-filled picnic basket becomes an indispensable item. To savour food in the open air is simply the nest way. Cooking Catrin shows us how she conjures up a cool dessert in a glass with strawberries and the LAND-LEBEN baked peas to turn a day at the lake into a culinary experience...

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Win 10x LAND-LEBEN barbecue gloves and 10x LAND-LEBEN aprons

Do you prefer tender meat or veggie side-dishes? The barbecue season is ripe for indulging on a warm summer evening. Win our LAND-LEBEN grill glove or a LAND-LEBEN apron and fire up the grill because this equipment will keep you safe and clean at all times. Good luck!

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In nature by bike

Velontour Magazin: Training the senses

Summer bike tours are pure enjoyment on every level. Whether it’s cruising past babbling brooks and glittering lakes or climbing up to the next alpine pasture, there’s always a lot to see and feel. A stop in the huts and restaurants along the way is a must! You can discover a selected route in the Kaiserwinkel region in our magazine.

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LAND-LEBEN organic spelt crackers - delicious, crispy and 100% organic

Brand new and deliciously golden brown; from autumn we will be adding organic spelt crackers to our range! They consist of the finest spelt dough, are 100% natural and rich in fibre. They are perfect for snacking, crunching or dipping with a clear conscience. A high-quality alternative to chips, crafted from a unique recipe and available in four different varieties.

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Crunchy feta cubes

Crunchy feta cubes

As soon as there is something to crunch, the little ones are there immediately. Feta cheese cubes spice up every salad, but they also taste great as finger food with a delicious dip. The ideal choice when you want it to be light and spicy in summer!

Fruity chocolate sheet cake

Fruity chocolate sheet cake

Why choose one type of fruit when so many sweet fruits are ripe? This juicy chocolate cake combines the best of summer with a refreshing curd cheese cream. This makes a wonderful dessert to really savour the season.

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